Hey, I'm Ruby! I run Life Club from my teeny studio in Folkestone, England. I have a slight (read: extreme) enamel pin & patch obsession. I design all kinds of stuff, mainly in the form of enamel pins, patches, as well as clothing. My designs have been described as "so wonderfully cynical", which I feel sums up my style nicely! 

Life Club started due to an awesome few moments of coincidence that quite literally changed both mine and Russell's (my partner) lives; I'd seen a toy bear for sale online as a part of a fundraising effort for a local animal sanctuary. The little bear had been rescued from landfill, cleaned up and then had a mini banner stitched to it's paws that read "HUMANS ARE IDIOTS". I was utterly smitten, and after a few weeks of it sitting on my desk staring at me, I decided to make the phrase into my very first pin.

We are Life Club!

The 'Humans are Idiots' pin was a massive success! And it's still one of our best sellers today. Whilst I continue to design more and more items, my partner Russell pulls his weight by packing up your orders, and together we make a pretty unstoppable team. We ditched our office jobs in 2018 and have never looked back! Never in a million years did we think we'd ever get to be self employed, let alone love what we do! 

Ruby & Russell